Abundance Is An Inside Job

Here’s a little secret. If you want to connect in with yourself, be more centered, develop your spiritual gifts or just plain, ‘be-less-stressed-in-your-life’, then meditate.
Five minutes each morning will make a difference. Anxiety will decrease. Your mind will become quiet and as your thoughts dissolve, you will have direct access to your own intuitive wisdom. 
This wisdom can be profound and life-changing. At other times it can be highly practical.
Here’s an example of the practical kind….
A couple of days ago, on waking I heard the words, “Face Your Fear.” Then while I was coming out of meditation I heard the words, “Check new courses posted on Daily Om.”
I went on Daily Om. I clicked on the new courses link. On the top of the list was, “Face Your Fears, Find Your Courage.”
Intrigued, I started to read the marketing page of the course. When I got to paragraph four, which was five sentences deep, I stopped in my tracks. Word for word, I was reading my own writing.
Over the last ten years or more I have written scores of articles and essays for Mind-Body-Spirit e-zines and hard copy magazines. I have also written a number of online courses. 
With that in mind, I began trying to recall (where the paragraph in its entirety) had been lifted from. I did not have to go far. 
On the same site, I found the paragraph. It was on the marketing page of, ‘From Turmoil to Transformation,’ a course I had created for Daily Om more than six years ago.
Having located this evidence, I e-mailed the course co-ordinator of Daily Om and linked her back to my marketing page. Then I asked her to inform the women who had poached my work, that my writing and course content is copyrighted.
I am sharing this, not because I am upset or angry. Far from it.
From a personal perspective, I am grateful for the prompts that led me to spot the plagiarism. More importantly though, I feel sorry for the woman who copied my words.
If you do not know who you are, you feel impoverished.
You believe abundance is ‘out there.’
You believe other people know better than you.
You think they have the answers and you do not.
You doubt yourself.
You do not have the confidence to trust what you hear and feel inside.
By contrast, if you meditate just a little you realize your self-worth.
You realize how rich you are.
You have no desire to go begging or poaching from anyone.
You trust, relish, and rest in the awareness,“I am enough.”