Happiness is the state

People often imagine happiness as a butterfly. It’s wonderful, exciting, something fairy and hard to catch. Is it really so? Let’s reflect upon it.

What is it – happiness? The term says it’s the emotional state of well-being and joy.  Perfect condition to live an amazing life. It isn’t inherent just for a small percent of mankind. It is the state that any person can live in. Happiness is when your thoughts, your words, and your deeds are in harmony, so it’s an everyday choice.

It’s clear, now let’s see how we can make it an aim of life and not just the continuous hope for better living.  The best way is to re-think and make a list of all sources of happiness for yourself. A fresh look and additional information will help you to believe it’s possible. The list can be extremely different, just try to recall the moments of absolute happiness. What you did, who was with you, what emotions you had, how long it lasted, and what motivation brought. And if now you’re not as happy as you dream to be, it’s about time to do something about it.

 The first and the main rule to be happy, struggle it every moment. It won’t come naturally. People walk through different periods of troubles, depression, disappointment, anxiety, etc. You had to train positive thinking as the sports keep bodies fit. Teach yourself to think happily, find positive points in every moment. Focus on it and you’ll surely see the result.

Secondly, learn that happiness leads you to success, not vice versa. There’s no magic pill and nobody can save you from yourself, nobody can be responsible for decisions you make in a day.

Thirdly, think with your heart, pay attention to your own feelings. Even when you choose what to eat, what to wear, you know what you love more. Do everything with love, especially in major spheres such as work, relationships, spending free time.

We can’t always control life circumstances, we can’t usually change them, but your attitude influences the situation. It gives a strong belief that you can overcome with the least losses.

You might be thinking, it’s easier said than done. I agree, but you won’t win if never try.

In addition, smiling and kindness draw more happiness. Kind deeds to other people release happiness hormones, boost serotonin, make you pleased and glad. Good returns a hundredfold.

One more thing that can add more happiness to your life, relationships. We live in a society, we have to build interactions. Scientists proved loneliness decreases the level of happiness. That’s why communication, friendship, meeting new interesting people will impact your feeling happier. Furthermore, it motivates and inspires a lot for new decisions and efforts.

In conclusion, any better state of living inquires desire, dedication, time, effort and power. Happiness is like meditation, exercising, or any other activity. You have to practice it daily to make it a good habit and then it works on you. In a short time,  you can’t even imagine your life without it. Don’t be afraid to fail, think through your actions, stay strong and go on. Follow the advice above, read more information on this topic, discuss it with your friends or relatives and you definitely will see changes and benefits. Don’t forget that we all affect the people around us. And it’s great to have excellent role models or being such an example for someone else. You can show yourself and prove that happiness is not a butterfly, it’s real and achievable.

We all know that the most precious things in our lives are the hardest to reach.  But it’s worth it.

“Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy.” Ralph Marston

Photo credit: mypixal.com