How to be motivated and motivate others?

Our life is precious, we all know it. In most cases, we have everything to be happy. Moreover, we have all opportunities to climb any mountain. But motivation is driving success. It’s much more difficult to achieve something without motivation. It takes much time and energy. That’s why people always look for it. We seek a role model, a person who is fully motivated and has something untouchable to share. It’s a great desire to live and to create.

Why one people have motivation, while others not? When you realize that you want results more than anything, motivation and abilities take the main place in your life. It’s not easy to see the way in the darkness when you are in trouble, or problems overflow. But you can start from the simple thought: “ You can’t ever overcome challenges and troubles just making them small, insignificant but by making yourself bigger and stronger.

As with any good habit, motivation can also be trained. Then it will lead you to success and a completely different style of living. Let’s consider some ways to bring more motivation to your life.

First of all, love your problems. They are given to one who can face it. It’s a good time to grow in the character and change for better. Don’t leave a place for depression, sadness or unbelief. There some many doors that you can walk through. Only you can choose the better way, so why don’t you try?

This advice leads up to one more. Don’t let the past influence your present. If you made mistakes, lost opportunity, it was just a time of misfortune. Go on and believe in yourself.

If people discredit you or underestimate your dreams, your abilities, repeat yourself the following. People will always say something to you, it only depends on how will you take their comments. Be sure in yourself! Because you matter and you can.

One more good practice is to remember your values and your goal. Learn and grow in them whatever happens. Get up in the morning with your dream and go to bed thinking about what you have done on the way to it. What a pleasure to look forward to a new day. There’s one trick I want to point to. Sometimes people have the wrong reason and it usually gives no result. Don’t be afraid, you can always change it and continue in a better way. Just shifting one thing can light up the fire.

If you don’t know how, learn. If you try, but nothing changes greatly, try different ways. Practice makes perfect. Pay attention to your feeling, not to lose it in a rapid race. When you feel good, you are more motivated to do magic.

Find a quote appropriate for you, use it wherever you go. Let it motivate you and take an action. One day it helped someone great and changed the life, so it can also do it for you.

In addition, in mastering motivation don’t forget to fix the time for practice, for work, for daily routine, and for time to rest. You need to give a break, to turn off any thoughts and just relax, even for 15 minutes a day. If you write the timetable, there surely will be time for worthful things.

And last, but not least, focus on your strengths. Underlining weaknesses wears you down, but your strengths fly you up. There you have a chance to be in progress, there you can do it best. You’re special and your personality can motivate others. So look in the mirror, get acquainted with yourself, ask and answer questions. You will see what works for you. Make this energy inside you help others to find the way.  

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