Learn how to minimize the stress

Is it possible to live a happy life without stress? It’s a pity, but not. We can never avoid stressful situations and save ourselves from negative emotions, changes. It’s obviously because there are so many things that don’t depend only on us. Life is stressful and sometimes stress can take the leading position. Then we are usually depressed, disappointed and it seems to be forever. Good news, it just seems. Internal or external stress is always temporary.  Even though we can learn some techniques on how to pass the stress.

In the beginning, let’s find out the definition of the word ‘ stress’. What is it? Stress is a state of emotional strain, the pressure under demanding circumstances. It influences your mind, mood and you can’t handle the situation. A stress-free life is impossible, while short times of stress are even healthy. Too much of it makes your body respond in a bad way, can bring on health problems. Understandably, we should avoid ongoing stress.

What are the common reasons for stress? It starts from the simple daily routine activities, like paying the bills, grocery, laundry, traffic jams, work or studies deadlines and turns to more global like dismissal, sorrow, divorce, illnesses, pandemic. These circumstances show how your body, your brain react to challenges. Can you control it? Does it overwhelm you? It’s normal to feel unusual, but it’s important to be ready for the right reaction and find methods to relax.

Hereunder we will point some steps that you can start with.

Start from the mind. It has the power to keep the worries calm. But you should stop blaming other people or the universe for your stress. It’s not in the external world, it is connected with you and begins in you.  Once you understand it, you are free.

Breathing is very popular in the modern world. It’s better to practice it all the time, not just at moments of stress. By the way, it’s the easiest you can do for yourself. Chose a quiet place, lie or sit and focus on your breathing. Breathe deep through your nose and out slowly from your mouth, like you are learning to do it from the very beginning. Deep breathing helps a person to calm down, forget the problems and feel better. After this practice, you renew your thoughts and it’s easy to find the way out.

Meditation is also a good variant for relaxation. It motivates you to focus on your body, your mind and feelings, and what’s going on around you. You simply refocus from a negative to a positive ways of thinking. You see what to change and how to leave the stress beside you.

One more method is a sport. People usually choose running, swimming, dancing, or workouts in the gym, yoga willing to get out. It’s better to do it somewhere far from home and relatives, you know what I mean. The body creates endorphins and we forget the worries. We find the sense of living on.

To add, there are many therapies, such as aromatherapy, art or music therapy, visualization, etc. They are also good for managing stress.

As we can see all the methods can suit oneself. Practicing and activities keep people away from falling into stressful situations. And they also play a great role in recovery. Of course, it should be remembered that there’s no one shoe that fits all. There’s nothing bad in taking a shot, try to do your best to find your own way that really does work for stress reduction. You can add something more that you might find helpful. You can do one at a time or you can practice some together. It’s up to you.

Photo credit: mypixal.com