Life in Harmony

If you want to live in harmony with everyone, live in harmony with yourself. 

Nowadays people live in a much more challenging world, the rapid speed of life makes us seek harmony to survive. We are looking for harmony in relationships, in the working process, in balancing different spheres of our life, but it starts from harmony with ourselves. You can learn to live in line with yourself and practice this skill. It sounds like integrating such way of thinking into your daily life will help to improve its quality and your relationships.

So what does this term mean? What reflects the harmony?

Someone’s decision to live in harmony with themselves helps to accept all aspects of their personality. If you let the traits of your character work together, it will one day create a beautiful and unique person. It means that you completely put up and understand your personality.

Though life in harmony with yourself sounds pretty easy, first of all, you must have a strong desire to put it to work.

Let’s take a look at 5 steps that will help you to lead the way toward harmony.

  1. Your imperfections are also your edges  

It’s hard to believe, but, honestly, we all have flaws. Instead of focusing on your weaknesses or inabilities, work on how to use or improve them.

For example, if you don’t like sport, but still feel weak and depressed every day, try some dancing, walking in the parks or swimming. Find the way to feel happy in a strong body.

Or you don’t like to communicate with other people, but you can chat or lead your blog, where you will receive great feedback and it will motivate you to expand the boundaries. 

2.  Work to live or live to work

A second important moment is connected with our attitude to work in our life. The balance between these two spheres is so elusive. Sometimes it gives the impression that you only live outside of work and you stop living when you work. I’m sure a good life during work time is a prime condition to a good living in general. It means work has to be a life that gives satisfaction and pleasure at the same time.

3.  Live your own life, not someone’s else 

Social networks extremely show us an amazing picture of perfect lives, but not ours. It seems that all people have perfect bodies, style, work, time to travel a lot, except those who look through these photos. Life is too short. It might not always be something you expect at the moment, but you’d better use all the day you have for good. Don’t let other people determine what to do, how to live, and who to be. Be always honest to yourself and don’t change your personality for people around you. 

4.  Accept and be grateful 

You must remind yourself of all the good events and blessings of the day, year, decade. Try to recall all the changes: good or bad ones, they all led you to the life you have now. Be grateful for everything you have and what will be in your future. Learn every day something new and go on. Don’t waste time expecting a big play at the end of your life as life is not just a rehearsal. Snatch each opportunity, snatch the moment.

5.  Physical health begins from a mental one

Invest time and money in your health. Don’t look for excuses for not having the time. Make time, not to regret it later. Exercises are an excellent way to uphold your mood, get in shape and keep fit. When you have workouts, you gain a happy and energizing feeling. No medication can give you that energy. Don’t forget about the quote: “A healthy mind in a healthy body” 

 Finally, a person always looks for better conditions to live especially when the desire is strong enough. That’s why the level of harmony depends just on you.